Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Is Here!

As the season changes and temperatures drop, it's time to think about layering and accessories. Yay! One of my favorite ways to warm up my wardrobe is to add a scarf. Scarves are easy to use, take little money, and can quickly change the mood of your outfit. I especially love vintage scarves. The are affordable and I like the uniqueness and 'one of a kind' element they add to a look. There are many tutorials on tying scarves but most of them use large, modern ones. (links to a few sites I like are at the bottom)
 Here are a few suggestions for completing your look using vintage scarves:

The Audrey Hepburn -

Tie a small square just once around your neck and turn it a little off center. Isn't this a pretty ombre chiffon scarf, transitioning from umber to a warm yellow? Perfect for fall. Tying this way is a very 1950's-early 1960's way to sport a little color and bring attention to the face. It worked for Audrey...it will work for you.

Downton Abbey Chic with Deco Brooch -


This works best with a chiffon oblong.  Chiffon is sheer and light, doesn't create too much fullness, and was the fabric of choice in the 1920's. The brooch will help it stay in place and you can pin it through to your sweater if you want. Just be careful to use a pin that doesn't have too big of a stem as it may put a hole in your scarf. 

Flirty 50's Ponytail -

Always chic and a super easy way to tidy up that ponytail and add a burst of color or pattern. -Makes even the humblest pony look finished. Fold on the diagonal. You can tie a square knot and perhaps a little bobby pin to make sure your scarf doesn't slip off. This works with a small square, little larger square or even an oblong, depending on how much tail you want to hang down.

Elegant Side Brooch -

A large square folded on the diagonal or a long oblong will work for this. The 'earth tones' popular in the1970's are complemented with the vintage brooch (gold, of course) also from the era. This creates a pretty drape down the side and looks great for evening as well. 

Kerchief -

Fold a large square on the diagonal and then put it under your chin. Wrap the tails around your neck and tie them in a square knot in the front. I love the cowl effect this creates.

Euro Loop -

Who doesn't love this effortless way to wear an oblong? It works for both heavy and light weight scarves. Just fold in the center, creating a loop for the tails to go through. This even works well with the large pashminas we all love. 

Double-back Loop -

Like the Euro but put just one tail in then wrap the other tail around the loop once before pulling through. Adds a bit more complexity and fullness to the center - also holds together a bit better.

Purse Tie -

Scarves don't have to be just for your head or neck. Tie one on your handbag to add texture and color to  coordinate with your outfit.

'Annie Hall' Menswear Tie -

Just like a simple men't tie, this gives a finished look to a simple outfit. Keep the knot a bit loose to add enough fullness and softness. This would look so cute with a turtleneck, pencil skirt, and boots! Super 70's inspiration. Very 'groovy'. 

Headband - front knot or nape of the neck - 


This classic is great for either short or long hair. By tying it in the front, you create a little bow, under the hair in back makes for a smooth headband. Longer scarf ties can hang down the back. Secure with a bobby pin for extra stability.

Try one of these and you'll get hooked on scarves as easy, chic accessories.
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A couple of good contemporary scarf tutorials:


  1. Fun post Janet. I never quite know what to do with my scarves. Now I can have a bit of your panache.

    1. Bonnie, you're so fun! I'll be looking your scarf on you next time I see you :)