Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great Spring Color Palette

Hermes Spring 2014, photo Peter Stigter        

pantone spring 2014 colors

Just thought I'd send a little Spring Color your way! I love this group because it is a little pastel but not in a childish way. Even the bolder ones like the Freesia, Radiant Orchid (the Pantone Color of the Year) and Celosia Orange are easier to wear than the straight hues because of their slightly grayed warmth.

A little fashion tip - Too many of these together as solids and your outfit may get a little circus-like. Color blocking can be a bit tricky but if balanced well, can work. Just avoid the 'court jester' look.

 Vogue photo, Yannis Vlamos
Here is a pretty use of color burst by Christian Dior

Vogue photo, Yannis Vlamos
2 neutrals with a pop of yellow at Hermes

I love the soft dove gray, Paloma. Try using this as the neutral for Spring instead of the black you've come to rely on in the colder months. It will pair nicely with any of the bolder colors as accents.

The bold hues are really great as a burst of solid color as well - think jeans, skirt or cardigan. 

If you're like me and not going to sport a pair of Orchid pants, try using one of these or a combo of hues in a scarf. 

Dazzling Blue - Think of it as a brighter navy and go from there.

Vogue photo, Yannis Vlamos
Jason Wu using Dazzling Blue with shimmer - pretty! 
(You may want to add a slip :)

There's really something for everyone in this palette.