Friday, February 5, 2016

Several years ago there was a spoof on the show Portlandia where everything in the shop had a bird on it. It was funny. But I must say that I really have loved a bird motif for a long, long time. I know it became a big trend awhile back but I still think birds make most things more fun. 

During last Christmas, my kids counted the number of birds represented through decorations. In just the living room, dining room and kitchen, I believe the count was over 100. Now, before you think I'm a little Alfred Hitchcock-ish, many of them were quite small and in groups. 

Maybe it is that they are a little mysterious to me, or perhaps its because they sing pretty songs outside my window, or that they bring a little spring in the dark of winter but for whatever reason,  'I love me some birds' ! 

So, just to bring a little hope of Spring, here are a few pics of bird items I've made lately for Plein Air. Many are for sale on the etsy site
or at local boutiques. 

-Enjoy and go ahead, 'put a bird on it'.

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