Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little LOVE

Sharing a little love today on Valentine's Day 

I retired from the bridal gown arena a few years ago, but after working on this, well, what can I say? I'm addicted to weddings and really enjoyed creating this.

The bride brought me a cute knee length, cotton lace dress with a large exposed zipper down the back she had purchased from local Salt Lake shop, The Children's Hour.

From the little white dress to this elegant, simple gown via yards of silk chiffon...

Their beautiful wedding was a feature in the popular blog The Wedding Chicks and I thought it fun and appropriate for this day of LOVE.
photography: meredith carlson--

Guess I've officially fallen of the wagon. There's no rehab for me.
Current Bridal Project:  my beautiful niece, Anna's gown. Ivory silk 4-ply crepe with a gorgeous champagne lace overlay. Can't show you yet as it would be a spoiler for the big day. Photos to come.

Enjoy - 


  1. Beautiful Janet. You are so talented. Love these photos.

  2. Stunning. I've often said that if I had my life to live over that I would learn tailoring and costume design. I love period costuming and somehow I think you'd rock at making a renaissance gown.

    1. Who says you can't learn now? :) I love period costuming. Any and all historic eras. That's the reason I see most movies. Plot is secondary.

    2. Plot? What's that? I'm too busy checking out the clothing. It's the only way I made it through Lincoln!

  3. GORGEOUS!!!! I still brag about my dress. ALL. THE. TIME!! Love you! So glad you are off the wagon ;)

  4. Thanks, Linds! Love a digital photo of you as a blushing bride!