Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Beauty of Pyrex

Beauty can take many forms. But today, I want to talk about the beauty of quality and practicality. I have been collecting Pyrex bowls lately. Not like a serious collector, but looking every time I go to the thrift store. My Mom received this set pictured above as a wedding gift in 1946 and I grew up using it. She still has and uses the large bowl. Really, how many daily use items are still around from 1946? These babies were made to last.  My collection started a few years ago with the little red one I found for a couple of dollars. I had seen sets for sale in antique stores and higher end consignment boutiques but didn't want to spend the collector price. Last month I finally snatched up a complete set for $15 at an estate sale and now I feel totally satisfied, well, at least until my next thrift store trip.

I've got several Pyrex pieces from different eras now and I love them all. Most of my other bowls have gone to the thrift store in favor of these gems. They are designed so well - the the best sizes and depths.

Woodland pattern bowl

Cinderella bowl in Butterfly Gold pattern

Spring Blossom 2 pattern small bowl

Snowflake pattern casserole dish

 One of my favorite new pieces is this casserole dish. I grew up using similar ones. So handy...oven to table to fridge!

There are many sites for the serious collector if you're interested in knowing the patterns and dates. One of the best is

I bought mine to use so I'm not too fussy with them but here are a few tips for caring for them:

 -hand wash - no dishwasher, it will dull the finish
 - if the finish is already a little dull, rub with a little vegetable oil 
 - use them! that's what they were made for

Enjoy - 

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