Thursday, August 29, 2013

Compote Dishes

The word 'compote' means 'mixture' in French. The 17th Century Europeans believed the the combination of fruit cooked in a sugary syrup helped balance the effects of humidity on the body. The term came to mean a fruit dessert and was typically served in a long stemmed small dish.

I have long loved these elegant dishes and have collected many over the years. They are so handy for serving candies, nuts and of course the occasional fruity dessert. Most of my antique ones are sterling (another one of my passions) but I also frequently use the few with glass or porcelain bowls.

My friend's daughter termed these and all stemmed plates, 'high heel dishes'. What a great way to describe them! 

We have created some of these compotes from small vintage plates. They work well as jewelry holders on your dresser as well as soap dishes for the guest bath.

Check them out in our online store.

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